Announces Tie-Ups with Algorand Foundation and Four Leading Malaysian Universities towards growing the next generation of blockchain engineers

KUALA LUMPUR, 18th May 2022: Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA) was launched today heralding a new chapter in the development and participation of women in digital technology specifically in the area of blockchain development, curation of Web 3.0 solutions and expansion of the understanding of distributed ledger technology.

Under the banner of “Let’s build an inclusive future with the power of Blockchain”, WIBA was set up as a mission-driven not-for-profit organisation established to help foster growth of the blockchain industry by increasing the representation and profile of women in blockchain in Asia.

Its overarching aim is to enable and empower women through knowledge, experience and resources needed to thrive as builders and leaders in the blockchain space. Through partnerships with industry players, educational institutions, Governments and multilateral organisations WIBA will provide educational programs as well as the rollout of exciting blockchain projects and community support networks to help women in Asia get on the digital “ladder”.

WIBA is led by a group of multi-talented individuals who have experience in blockchain, fintech, design, banking, market development, and more. Founding team members are Ida Mok, President; Poesy Liang, Vice President; Jasmine Ng, Surina Shukri, Farah Jaafar, Ivy Fung, Chezka Gonzales, Belinda Lim and George Wong.

From the left: Ivy Fung, Chezka Gonzales, Ida Mok, Surina Shukri, Jasmine Ng, Goerge Wong, Farah Jaafar and Poesy Liang. (Not in the pic: Belinda Lim)

WIBA has also recently partnered with REACH, backed by the Algorand Foundation to bring the training and teaching coding of the of Algorand smart contract and related blockchain learning resources to build and train up a generation of blockchain developers in Asia. These learning resources are offered to educational institutions, initially in Malaysia with a vision of expanding the offering to other Asian countries.

WIBA will be offering this program with Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation and is now working closely with a few more public and private universities via a partnership agreement with WIBA and the Foundation aimed at offering The Algorand x WIBA Blockchain Certification at these institutions of higher learning.

The syllabus and certification will be executed by WIBA under the authorization of Algorand Foundation and will be offered over a 12 week period for all those enrolled in these institutions. An inter-university hackathon is planned at the end of 2022, with an intra-university challenge planned for 2023.

It is expected as more regional linkages are in place, an Asian wide challenge would be planned, allowing for more cross-national collaboration between women in blockchain.

Ida Mok, President of WIBA gives a peek into what a blockchain-enabled future may look like. “I believe access to finance, health, and education should never be curtailed by credit, colour, or creed. Blockchain will provide the technology to execute and deliver this inclusivity.”

Mok went on to add, that WIBA encourages other women based digital groups to come together with WIBA in order to provide a cohesive voice in the space, facilitating a unified approach in championing the role of women in the advancement of blockchain technology.


Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) is a non-profit group registered under the Malaysian Registrar of Societies set up with the sole aim of advancing the role and participation of women in all levels of digitalisation and blockchain understanding as well as development.

Specifically, WIBA has 3 purposeful missions:

  1. Inspire more female participation in blockchain-based causes and empower them with knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to succeed in the blockchain
  2. Develop innovative purpose-led blockchain projects that reinvent socio-economic models and shape an inclusive future and better society.
  3. Build a global collaborative ecosystem of women supporting women in a safe space to thrive.

WIBA’s programmes and activities centers around 3 pillars: Education, Projects, & Skills.

Partnering with established blockchain networks and educational institutions, WIBA aspires to help grow the blockchain developer talent pool that is in short supply. These courses will be systematic and delivered by world-class blockchain developers, with priority given to women.

Blockchain technology has the potential to power new models of change. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), for example, have become an ever-present cultural force and an equally powerful fundraising vehicle for nonprofits. By collaborating with non-profit women-focused organisations and working on specific blockchain initiatives such as helping the women mint, deploy, and sell their first NFTs, WIBA hopes to introduce another possible source of income and bring about financial inclusion to marginalised women.

The blockchain industry is still relatively young, rapidly growing and presents plenty of opportunities for highly skilled women in industries like finance, marketing, and legal to pivot into blockchain. However, many women are unsure of how to enter the space. WIBA aims to show them how through education, internships and mentoring.

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